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  • Gldani Mall — Background Music, Public address system
  • Restaurant Tashre — Background Music, Professional Sound and Lighting systems
  • Hotel Ambassador — Background Music, Public address system
  • Restaurant Samepho — Public address system, Professional Sound systems
  • Kakhidze Music Center — Professional Sound systems
  • Chokhatauri Public Theater — Professional Sound systems
  • Public Service Hall (Lagodekhi, Oni) — Background Music, Public address system
  • Champions Academy — Background Music, Public address system
  • Evex/ Holpital Deka — Conference system, Professional Sound systems
  • Tsiskvili Restaurant Network —Professional Sound and Lighting systems
  • Restaurant Mukhambazi— Professional Sound and Lighting systems
  • Restaurant Golden Mug — Professional Sound systems


  • Union of Georgian Architecs
  • House of Justice Rustavi
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Georgian Parliament
  • National Agency of Public Registry
  • Poti Sea Port
  • Educational center of Justice
  • The ministry of Energy of Georgia
  • The House of Justice Batumi
  • Government meeting hall
  • Children Federation conference hall


  • Bowling Central
  • Qarvasla Shopping Kutasi
  • Nerine Spa
  • Missoni Home
  • Prive shops
  • Reebok
  • Nike
  • Evita Peroni
  • Axis Shopping Mall
  • BrandMall
  • Shopping Mall
  • Qarvasla Shopping Mall
  • Hotel Vere Palace
  • Hotel Courtyard by Marriott
  • Hotel Marriott Tbilisi
  • Hotel Rixos Borjomi
  • Crown Plaza Borjomi
  • Rustaveli Boutique Hotel


  • Civil Registry
  • Sameba church
  • Bodbe Manney
  • XXI Century school
  • SEU
  • GAU Georgia
  • American University
  • Shota Rustaveli Institute
  • Patriarchate of Georgia
  • Saduni School


  • Restaurant Riviera Batumi
  • AdjaraBet
  • Restaurant Dinners Room
  • Restaurant Elvis
  • Restaurant Armazis Kheoba
  • Restaurant Tiflis Veranda
  • Restaurant Senat
  • Restaurant Atzec
  • Restaurant Bagrationi 1882
  • Restaurant chainTaglaura
  • Restaurant Old Metekhi
  • Cafe L’Express
  • Club Missoni
  • Hight Club Safe
  • Casino Adjara
  • Restaurant Gambrinus
  • Restaurant Shua qalaqi

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