The sound of the future is based on solid roots

RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with a reputation for engineering and innovation as rich as its cultural heritage. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in the design, production and marketing of high-technology Professional and Commercial Audio products.
Sound is a wide and complex subject, as are its applications. From the high-level music of a big-arena rock concert to paging in a vast international airport, from theater sound to conference systems that allow governments to debate and take decisions – every application needs specific products tailored to its own requirements. This is why RCF produces such a wide and ever-increasing range of products, while maintaining as common denominators an enduring spirit of innovation, control over all aspects of production, attention to detail and a passion for sound.
Today RCF’s wide range of production is grouped into seven product families.


Evolution in technology, revolution in sound !

RCF invests in a continuous process of constant innovation to ensure the best possible sound from its products.

It is one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide with the ability to completely design and manufacture its own transducers, speaker systems, amplifiers, cabinets and control electronics.Three engineering departments – acoustic, electronic and mechanical – work closely together to offer technological innovations with complete control over every detail.

Computer-aided simulation software is used to assist the understanding of transducer behaviour and amplifier operation, together with the relationship between dynamics and transient response. State-of-the-art software packages permit the accurate evaluation of magnetic circuits, voice-coil dynamics, suspension linearity, horn dispersion, crossover filters, the thermal behaviour of amplifiers, and other key characteristics of system design.
Combined with RCF’s long heritage in audio, these engineering assets allow synergies of design that are difficult – if not impossible – to achieve by the outsourcing of transducer, electronics or cabinet supply.

A great Sound is made of small details !

At RCF, the latest technology sits side-by-side with traditional craftsmanship.

Along with the most advanced production technology, an experiened staff of skilled workers builds – and then meticulously checks – every component of the company’s products.
In the transducer department, every compression driver and low-frequency transducer is made by hand and carefully checked for optimum performance.

Owning its own transducer production gives RCF an enormous advantage in the development of complete speaker systems, in which the perfect match between drivers, electronics, cabinet design and, increasingly, digital processing is achieved with maximum efficiency.
In 2008, RCF built an in-house wood shop for the manufacture of loudspeaker cabinets. Here, the best Baltic birch wood is chosen and cut with the most advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines in order to achieve the utmost precision and quality. A team of expert woodworkers hand-finishes every cabinet before the painting process.
The final loudspeaker assembly is undertaken with the greatest care given to every detail, in order to deliver a perfect, state-of-the-art product worthy of the name ‘RCF’.