About Procab

Procab was founded in 1997 by a group of enthousiastic audiophiles that were dissatisfied with the cabling solutions available to them at the time. Their reputation grew and Procab became a key player in the AV cable industry, manufacturing premium quality cable for a whole range of applications.

Over the years a highly specialized team of cabling and electronics engineers was assembled to assure that Procab remained at the forefront of innovation.They dedicate their insight and relentless effort to satisfy anyone from the average home users to the most demanding professionals, offering a complete line of bulk cables, pre-made cables and connectors.

Procab’s innovating engineers provide the drive and insight our production facilities need to produce products for today’s every-expanding electronics market. Our production facilities take great pride in the fact that all Procab cables are submitted to rigorous testing before the actual product launch. It is also very important for Procab that all manufactured cables comply with global and EU environmental regulations concerning hazardous substances.

Procab currently offers over 4000 different products and configurations, and does everything it can to assure that each new product lives up to the high standards of its current line.


Product Categories

Cables, connectors and adapters