About Caymon

Caymon’s designers are convinced that one of the most important indicators to identify a company, is its customers: the people that once bought our products for the first time and experienced them in everyday life, getting to know them better, and eventually keep buying them.
At this moment, Caymon offers a vast range of installation products, ranging from racks, microphone, music and speaker stands to brackets, flight cases, adaptors, soft bags and accessories.
This assortment for its part reflects on its variety of customers and thus applications, which vary from churches to concert halls, from nightclubs to cultural centers, from individual musicians to symphonic orchestras.
An extensive product range requires a clear vision on past, present and future.
That’s why, many years ago, Caymon’s foundation was based on four solid principles, which have been our company standards ever since: the aim to look ahead and anticipate worldwide tendencies, the aspiration to combine functionality with contemporary design, the decision to settle for no less than the highest quality and the continuous keeping in mind of our existing, new and potential customers.
These standards remind us where we are coming from and what we are aiming for, in an ever-changing, ever-innovating market.
Here, our dedicated team of craftsmen and women produce the highest quality guitars using a blend of traditional techniques which have been passed down through the generations, combined with the latest modern manufacturing systems. This results in the unique instruments that we are proud to sell throughout the world.


Professional stands and racks !