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About Us


Smarthouse and office LLC was founded in 2008. We are official distributors and partners of many well-known brands. Through professional expertise and experienced staff, in concert with high quality products, our company provides effectively engineered and fully integrated systems through the entire process. The company is dedicated to deliver high standards of quality services and customer relations .

Main Services

Distribution and installation of the sound, lighting, conference equipment and multimedia products;
Audiovisual system design and integration;
Smarthouse KNX/EIB Technology installation;
Audio equipment rental;

In 2011 Smarthouse opened music store known as Hertz & Lumen where costumers can by musical instruments, professional sound systems , PA Audio etc

We offer

A thorough knowledge of the finest electronic equipment on the market
A wilingness to work within necessary budgetary
An understanding and appreciation of the aesthetic factors involved
The ability to determine the visual and acoustical engineering demands of each job

Solutions for Intelligent Buildings !


How To Get Viagra Prescription in Detroit Michigan, Buy Viagra online fast delivery in Hollywood Florida

306 309



1800 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Unit D & E Venice, CA 90291
To buy our products please visit our store
Tbilisi, Beliashvili St 135



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